Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our services or placing an order for any of our products available in our e-shop.

The URL of this website www.sitedesignmadeeasy.com is wholly owned by REVOLVE ENTERPRISES FZE with a registered office address at Block B, Office - B26-175,Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park,Sharjah,United Arab Emirates


To purchase any goods from our site in the form of digital purchases including E-Books, Templates, Videos and Software all users must first create an account with us. Your account details will be saved securely and used for any future purchases. All customers must be over the age of 18 to use our services, by using our services and browsing this site you agree that you are over the age of 18. For more details regarding the information, we require and hold on your behalf in order to open an account please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Consultancy Services

In addition to selling learning materials for design we also offer consultancy services that require the user to create an account. A customer can request a call without creating an account but will have to create one after to receive the full service.

Consultancy services are priced from $25.00 per hour. Customers will be billed this amount as soon as they request a call from a member of our team. By requesting a call on our Consulting Services page, you agree and are bound to these terms, you also agree to pay for the time you use our services for. We work fair and will charge you for the time you get with us, if a full hour is not used, you will simply pay for what you get.


We accept payment online for digital content from Visa debit cards and credit cards. All payments are processed through a secure payment platform.

For all digital content, including E-Books and Videos, customers must pay for the products before they are able to download them. You own the product as soon as we have received payment in full. Prices across digital content varies but is clearly displayed in our online store alongside the available products.

For consultancy services, which are priced from $25.00 per hour, customers will be billed as soon as they request a call from a member of our team.

Customers are billed electronically for all of the goods and services that they have ordered, and all order emails are sent to the email address that the customer has specified when opening an account. After payment is made, all customers will see SDMRE, UAE on their billing statement.

Refunds, Delivery of Products and Terminations and Cancellations

All of the learning materials available for sale on our website are delivered in an electronic format. The products will be sent via email to you as soon as the payment has been processed and should not take any longer than 48 hours. If a product takes longer than this you will be reimbursed immediately.

For any terminations of contracts or cancellations of orders as well as any information about refunds in the event of damage then please get in touch with us using the contact form below. We have a 14 day refund policy, if your product is not as described or you have not received the correct product then please get in touch.

Digital Content Usage Rights

All purchased digital content will be made available to the customer and delivered electronically as soon as payment has been received. All products are delivered in an electronic format.

The customer then owns this material and the use of all purchased E-Books, Videos, Templates and Software is permitted only for the customer’s personal use as well as the cases allowed by copyright law.

When the customer owns digital content, it may be stored on the end device and used only by the customer.

The following uses of downloaded digital content purchased on our website is prohibited:

- Making unauthorised digital copies to which third parties may have access

- Adapting the digital content and then re-publishing it

- Passing on any digital content to third parties

- Making content available to the public, including on Intranets

The above rules apply to all digital content in its entirety, as well as any part that is protected by copyright including individual chapters, articles, photographs and/or diagrams.

Rights Regarding Consultancy Services

Customers of www.sitedesignmadeeasy.com consultancy services enter into a contract on behalf of their company or organisation.

The customer agrees to provide us with any information that is needed in order to carry out the required design work. This includes any content, images, or other specifications that are needed by the team in order to fulfil the project description. The customer agrees to review the project at each stage and provide any feedback in a timely manner in order to adhere to any agreed completion of work deadlines.

The customer needs to agree to the payment terms outlined above which will also be discussed with an individual team member. Website projects will not go live until payment has been completed, and they will also not go live until the customer has given authorisation.

The team will be able to provide as many revisions that are needed and a final bill will be authorised once the project has been completed. If a payment is missed by the customer, then this will result in a loss of service.


The company does not accept any liability for any potential losses of earnings experienced by businesses when a new website goes live. This includes if the service has to be taken off-line for any maintenance-related issues or server problems.

The company also does not accept liability for any missed deadlines, pre-determined launch dates, any potential losses of earnings, or damages due to the service not being live or functional. This includes if there has been a delay in the customer providing information that has been requested at any stage in the process and or any additional work or last-minute changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any information that has been outlined in these terms and conditions then please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information provided via our contact us page.

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